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Preservation for Shoreline Properties in Maine

Have you noticed that the Atlantic Ocean is creeping up on your property? Have you noticed that the shoreline is becoming increasingly smaller? This change is mostly due to rising sea levels that are causing an elevation in the tides. As the tides get higher, they move closer inland, destroying the existing coastline. If you have noticed water getting closer to your shoreline property, it is time to contactMaine Coastal Protection, LLC. We specialize in ways to preserve the shoreline, and we provide coastal protection services in Maine. With our expertise, we can ensure that water will stay away from your property for years to come.

rock walls

Our Coastal Protection Services

Over the last couple of decades, we have developed a series of solutions to counteract the damage being done by the high tides. Our coastal protection services implement our various solutions, which include constructing seawalls, revetments, and more. Our experts that implement these solutions and provide these services are certified erosion control specialists. We have combined our solutions with our services in order to give property owners access to the best coastal protection possible.

Our Coastal Protection Services Include


Our team assesses properties to determine the necessary solutions. Then we recommend and design stabilization and erosion control solutions that meet the needs of your unique property. We have the engineering, hydrogeology, horticultural, and earthwork knowledge to create effective plans that are comprehensive and made specifically for the site at hand.


When it comes to working on coastal properties, there are necessary permits required in order to do the work legally. Our team has extensive experience in handling permitting requirements. We will take care of this aspect of the job for you.

Landscape Construction

Our Maine-certified erosion control specialists use the most up-to-date construction materials and heavy equipment in order to execute every job, even those that are challenging sites.

Project Management

We are capable of facilitating and navigating through the necessary steps of each and every project. Our team will guide you through the complexities of protecting your shoreline property.

Reach Out to Us Today

We, as a team, have carefully curated our coastal protection services in Maine so that we can provide you with the necessary solutions to preserve your shoreline property. Over the years, we have serviced numerous different properties that needed different solutions. We provide comprehensive services so that your unique property gets the proper treatment it deserves. Whether it means building a sea wall or introducing more native plants to the area, our team will get it done the right way so that you don’t have to worry about erosion for years to come. Reach out to our team of erosion defense experts today to preserve your property.

Help Restore Our Shorelines Today