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Restoring Your Shoreline Property

When it comes to protecting and restoring your shoreline property, you need experts for the job. Maine Coastal Protection, LLC’s team consists of erosion control professionals who develop and implement coastal solutions to protect vulnerable shorelines better. If your property is on the shoreline, it can be significantly impacted by receding shorelines. These shorelines erode due to heavy storms, extreme wave action, overland runoff, and loss of vegetation. Our solutions are specifically designed to address these concerns. When you trust us to protect your property, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your coastal property will be protected for years to come.

rockwall shoring

Our Erosion Solutions

We employ a variety of techniques in order to stop the shoreline from creeping up onto your property. These solutions have been specifically designed to stop the sea from taking over as sea levels continue to rise. Our professionals implement these solutions into our services in order to give everyone in the area lasting protection.

stone wall

Trustworthy Sea Walls

A sea wall is one of the main coastal defense devices used to protect the shoreline from eroding. Sea walls are typically made of concrete, and they are constructed parallel to the waterline. Our team of erosion experts stands behind the effectiveness of a sea wall’s presence, which is why we have years of experience constructing them. This environmentally friendly defense mechanism has been used for centuries as a way to protect the land along the shore from erosion. The addition of a seawall along your coastal property can hold the existing soil in place while actively preventing the soil from sliding. These trustworthy sea walls fight against wave action in order to preserve the land and your property.

Trust the Erosion Experts

Our team has been working hard over these last few decades to come up with the right plan that meets the needs of each specific property that we work on. We strive to give our clients long-lasting and fast-acting solutions so that they can relax knowing that their business or home is protected. Our solutions and services are specifically designed to battle erosion and stabilize the shores so that land properties do not get overcome by the sea. When you choose to have us implement our solutions on your property, you are making the choice to actively protect your assets and investments. If you live or work near the coastline, it is time to reach out to our erosion experts. Contact us today to get started.

Help Restore Our Shorelines Today